FAQ – Emergent Relationship Center

What are your rates?

The cost varies on the type of service that you require. The hourly rate is $130 – $150 for couples or individuals. Couples initial sessions are 90-120 minutes so that you make a strong start, with a goal of leaving having seen progress and knowing your next steps. You want to get out of pain as quick as possible!

How can this expense be justified?

Therapy is expensive. However, think of it like this: it is an investment in yourself and your relationship. People spend thousands of dollars a year on gym memberships, personal training, hobbies, and diets. Before you think about whether couples therapy is worth the cost, ask yourself: how important your relationship is to you? Therapy isn’t just about gaining a set of tools; it’s about creating a better relationship that will last. How much would you pay to save your relationship and have a lifelong bond?

What can we offer you?

From trial and error, we have become passionate about helping individuals and couples achieve the relationships they deserve. Part of our passion has involved undergoing intensive and continuing training in the best practices for couples counseling under the guidance of an internationally-renowned couples therapy expert. Our tried-and-true techniques can help you get out of pain and start enjoying the relationship you deserve. To learn more about our team, click here.

How many sessions will be required?

Session frequency recommendation is tailored according to the individual’s or couples’ specific needs, goals, and availability. Some couples attend for just a few weeks for a specific issue, while others may need to make a long-term effort. If you would like to know about what’s best for your unique situation, feel free to contact us to discuss it.

What can be expected at the first session?

You can expect to make progress in the first session. Many couples are surprised to hear their partner name many of their complaints. This is, of course, a two-way street. Each partner has a contribution. Couples often know what the problems are but have difficulty enacting change. The extended time in the first session gives couples a chance to talk with therapist about barriers to change and walk away with a specific plan they can put into practice at once. If couples don’t feel they are making progress in the first session, they can end the session at 60 minutes and the charge is waived.

Do you take insurance?

Many of our clients submit their statements to their insurance companies for reimbursement. While the billing statements comply with insurance requirements to request reimbursement, we are not affiliated with any HMOs or PPOs and do not accept payments from insurance companies. We recommend that you check with your insurance company to see what services your policy covers. It can be helpful to ask what your out-of-network coverage is for family therapy.

Things to know about insurance coverage:

  • Health records may not be confidential once insurance is involved.
  • Before any services are covered, someone needs a mental health disorder diagnosis and in most cases, this diagnosis can be used against you when getting certain jobs, future health insurance or life insurance benefits, as well as possible legal/court issues.
  • You will need to pay the full fee. You may obtain reimbursement with your out of network benefit. We will supply you with an invoice but any reimbursement you receive is between you and your provider.
  • Don’t forget flexible spending accounts and flex cards. If you have tax-free money deducted from your paycheck for Medical Savings, you can use that to pay for therapy.
  • Insurance will not cover counseling couples intensives. To be submitted for reimbursement, sessions must be 90 minutes or less.