Communication Problems?

Couples Intensive Boot Camp Harrisburg PA

Do you feel like there is a rift in your relationship? 

Maybe you feel distant from your partner, or that your needs aren’t being met? 

Does it seem like you and your partner aren’t even in the same book anymore, let alone on the same page, with decisions? 

Is your relationship in crisis? Do you hate that you’re seriously considering divorce? Maybe you don’t recognize your life anymore.

We can help – if you don’t wait too long.

Relationship coaching private, personalized experience designed to move you through the steps you need to resolve communication difficulties immediately. Coaching packages are designed to help you get results quickly.

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Now we can be more honest and open, understanding that we can feel differently at the same time and that’s okay–both can be right. I feel like we are both present in dealing with issues instead of me feeling alone.


Coaching gave us a forum to focus exclusively on the “nuts and bolts” of being with each other. It taught me to lead more with appreciation and helped each of us to better communicate real feelings with each other


I can tell her when I don’t want to talk about something. I am so glad that can be an answer! I didn’t want to say that before because I didn’t feel comfortable

Coaching is different than therapy

Traditional therapy is amazing, and all of our staff are trained clinicians. However, traditional therapy tends to take longer because it often focuses on the past – including childhood and foundational experiences – and understanding why patterns were created. Sometimes people need time to build a relationship with a therapist who can help them determine that they have work to do, or if you have a diagnosed mental illness or are dealing with past trauma, therapy is an excellent option.

The Benefits of Coaching

While understanding patterns and their influence is important, relationship coaching meets couples in the present and looks at how to move them into the future equipped with different skills – so they can start living a better life today – right away. Our focus in coaching is on building effective tools to improve your present and create a better future as quickly as possible!

A coach will show you the techniques to climb a mountain.

A therapist will get you well enough to make the climb.

We all start with the first step.

If you are already motivated and need help to make the changes, coaching is just right.

How it works:

Schedule a free rapid relationship repair session.

Here, we will talk about what’s going on in your relationship right now and start to create a plan on what you would like it to look like. Additionally, you will find some things that are keeping you from getting there so you can walk away equipped with some self-knowledge.

If you are a good candidate for coaching, we will agree on a plan (usually 3 or 6 months) to get your relationship back on track or heading towards a happy future. Sessions length and frequency are based on what is most effective for each couple.

For most couples, the root of all of their problems – from financial issues to parenting decisions to meeting needs – is communication. 

At Emergent Relationship Center, addressing communication issues is at the heart of our relationship coaching approach. We provide immediate and actionable solutions to communication issues, enabling couples to break through barriers and communicate effectively. 

When an athlete wants to improve in their training, they go to a coach. Similarly, when a relationship needs improvement, a relationship coach can help to raise awareness of ineffective patterns, suggest new strategies, and empower couples to create vital change. 

Through relationship coaching, we offer individual, relevant and timely actions to immediately start creating a better future for partners – both as individuals and together. 

Are you ready to start creating a more open and fulfilling relationship? Are you looking to break toxic patterns and nurture new connection? If so, let’s get to work!

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